UPDATED! Food Pantry Donation List

Food Donation List - Mt. Pleasant Food Pantry

 Listed below are some of the commonly requested food items:

•    Can Meats (Tuna, Spam, Chicken, Vienna Sausages, Sardines, etc.)
•    Can Chili with/without Beans
•    Crackers (Ritz, Cheese-it, Saltines, etc.)
•    Baked Beans
•    Jelly/Jam
•    Peanut Butter
•    Can Vegetables (Corn, Mixed Vegetables, Sweet Peas, Carrots, etc)  - Note: NO GREEN BEANS NEEDED!
•    Can Fruit (Peaches, Pears, Fruit Cocktail, etc.)
•    Rice
•    Spaghetti/Spaghetti Sauce 
•    Soups
•    Knorr’s Pasta/Rice Sides
•    Instant Oatmeal (Low Sugar)
•    Dry Beans (Kidney, Black-eyed, Lima, Butter, etc.) Note: NO PINTO BEANS NEEDED!
•    Bottled Juice (Grape, Apple, Cranberry, etc.)
•    Capri Sun Fruit Juice (Pouch size)
•    Pop Tarts
•    Grits
•    Assorted Cereal (Cheerios, Raisin Bran, Corn Flakes, Rice Crispies, etc) 
•    Raman Noodles (Chicken, Shrimp, Beef flavors)