The Real Church In Action Called Out
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Delivered By
Pastor Ed Dinkins
Delivered On
April 12, 2015
Central Passage
Acts 2:41-47
Second Sunday Service

Commentary - Data Source

"It is so exciting to see God build His church, His way. A reporter said to me, "What's your goal in the ministry?" And I said, "My goal is to glorify God." He said, "Well, I mean your future goal." I said, "My future goal is to glorify God." He said, "I mean what's your goal for the church?" " To glorify God." He said, "Don't you have a great desire to build a great church?" I said, "No. I have no desire to build a church really. And the reason is because Jesus said, 'I will build My church,' and I'd rather not compete with him." And so I only desire to do that which glorifies God each day of my life one day at a time and let God build His church His way. And we've seen that here at Grace.

We've seen God build a church of living stones energized by the strength of the Spirit of God and under girded by Christ Himself. And then we've seen him build a metaphor like this to symbolize the true church that He has built.

It's important today I think for us to recognize what God wants to do with the church. The only time the church can ever really be what God wants it to be is when it makes that commitment and so we need to do that again this morning as our first service comes together. We need to reaffirm the very basic reality of the church. We need to restate what our commitment is as the believing community of God.

Ten years from now only God knows what this place will be. Twenty, 30, 50, 100. Should Jesus tarry. Only God knows. I've been in buildings that used to be churches and now they're bars and restaurants and hardware stores and whatever else. What will this be in 10, 20, 30 years?

Well, we don't know. God knows. But what it will be will be predicated on the commitment that we must make relative to the truths we're gonna hear about this morning.

This place can be to the glory of God until Jesus comes. Or it can depart from that and who knows what it will become. And it's all predicated on whether or not it is built God's way with God's plans."

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